00-28VS Guitar Plans

Build your own guitar with this extremely detailed set of 00-28VS guitar plans from Ultimate Guitar Online. You’ll enjoy a full-sized set of well-illustrated and extremely comprehensive plans that provide all the information you need to build a high-quality guitar on your own.

The 00-28VS plans are similar to a Martin 00-28VS, a very popular 6-string guitar made by Martin. The guitar features a 12-fret neck and a 4″ deep body at the deepest point. Because of its wider neck and wider string spacing at the bridge, this guitar is a great finger-style guitar.

Following are some of the features of the 00-28VS guitar:

  • 12-Fret Neck
  • Scalloped Bracing
  • Classic Martin Vee Neck Joint at Head/Neck Intersection
  • Martin Classic Prism Bridge

The 00-28VS guitar plans, like all of our guitar plans, features all dimensions in both millimeters and inches/fractional inches. All measurements are clearly shown on the plan – making is easy for you to choose which you’d prefer to use.

The measurements of the finished 00-28VS guitar are:

Upper Bout: 251.1mm (9 7/8″)
Lower Bout: 357mm (14 1/16″)
Body Length: 500mm (19 11/16″)
Scale Length: 632.3mm (24 29/32″)
Body Depth At Heel: 87.4mm (3 7/16″)
Body Depth At Butt: 102.7mm (4 1/32″)

When you buy your guitar plans from Ultimate Guitar, you’ll receive your plans immediately as an electronic download (printed and shipped plans are available as well). All of our guitar plans consist of four pages and are designed by an architect and seasoned luthier in a professional CAD system. Following are some of details you can expect to find on your guitar building plans:

  • Overall Guitar Plans with Notes and Dimensions
  • Longitudinal and Lateral Sections Through the Guitar
  • Top Bracing Layouts with Top & Side Views
  • Back layout and Back Brace Layouts
  • Detailed Building Instructions & Suggestions

We also offer guitar template sets and inside form workboard plans, which will help you build your instrument with ease and precision, so be sure to get those with your guitar plans! Additionally, we offer a wide variety of guitar building tool plans, including our plans for the heated side bender – our hottest seller!

If the 00-28VS guitar isn’t exactly what you are looking for, be sure to check out the other guitar plans we have for sale. We also create custom plans so feel free to email us for a quote.

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