Guitar Neck Assembly Jig

Guitar Neck Assembly Jig: $159.95

Some of the best products come into existence because of necessity and our neck assembly jig is one of those products! After more than 20 years of building guitars, we got so frustrated with throwing away wood because our guitar neck scarf joints somehow ended up not perfectly square that we decided to make a jig that would allow for perfect scarf joints every time. We also wanted to be able to easily glue up the headpiece and heel block stacks without having them shift during the gluing process.

We started messing around with ideas and the result is the neck assembly jig. Today, we wouldn’t build a guitar without it. You can easily build your own with our guitar neck assembly jig plans, but we also offer the jig fully built and assembled for those who prefer to spend their time building guitars!

Here’s how it works:

Start by loading your neck stock into the jig. Clamp it into place with two quick release clamps and cut your scarf joint…this jig will get you the perfect cut.

Next, load your pre-cut heel blocks and headpiece into the jig. With a few twists of the knobs and clamps, your neck can be glued and assembled with no slipping at all. We’ve finished these gluing operations in under 10 minutes using this jig – making it a major time saver!

Our neck assembly jig has provisions for both 6 and 12-string guitars.

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