Acoustic Guitar Plans

Would you like to build a guitar? Our extremely detailed acoustic guitar plans can help you turn your dream into a reality! Ultimate Guitar Plans offers building plans for 12 of the most popular acoustic guitar models.

The 6-string acoustic guitar is extremely popular, and companies like Martin and Taylor have made a wide variety of these guitars that are loved by guitarists all over the world.

Now you can build your own with our acoustic guitar plans! All of our guitar building plans are easy to read and understand and contain a large amount of illustration and detail. We have more than a satisfied customers to-date; you can read what some of them have said about our plans here.

We offer the following acoustic guitar plans for sale:

Dreadnought Guitar Plans

Jumbo (J200) Guitar Plans

Grand Auditorium Guitar Plans

Grand Symphony Guitar Plans

GS Mini Guitar Plans

000-28VS Guitar Plans

000 Concert (Parlor) Guitar Plans

J45 Guitar Plans

00-28VS Guitar Plans

HD-28VS Guitar Plans

0-28VS Guitar Plans

When you order acoustic guitar plans from Ultimate Guitar, you’ll receive your plans electronically as soon as your order is processed (you can also request to have plans printed and sent to you). All of our plans are 4-pages and include the following:

  • Overall Guitar Plan with notes and dimensions throughout
  • Longitudinal and lateral sections throughout the guitar
  • Top bracing Layouts – Both top and side views
  • Back layout and back brace layouts
  • Detailed building instructions and suggestions

Our acoustic guitar plans include all dimensions in both millimeters and inches/fractional inches so you can use whichever method you prefer as you build your instrument. As you look over all the acoustic guitar plans that we have available for sale, you will see that all the dimensions for each guitar are clearly stated in the product description.

We also sell classical guitar plans and acoustic 12-string guitar plans, so if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, be sure to check those out too! Please feel free to email us anytime with questions – we’ll get right back to you!

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