Grand Symphony Guitar Plans

Build your own guitar with these extremely detailed and well-illustrated Grand Symphony Guitar Plans from Ultimate Guitar Online. The Grand Symphony is big and it’s extremely popular among guitar players for it’s bold voice, deep bass, rich mid-tones, and clear highs. Our grand symphony plans will give you a finished guitar that’s very similar to a Taylor GS 6-string guitar that features a 14-fret neck with a 4 3/4″ body at the deepest section. When it’s done, you’ll enjoy a great finger-style of flat picking instrument.

Following are some of the features of the grand symphony guitar plans:

  • 14-fret neck
  • Forward-shifted X-bracing
  • Standard acoustic guitar belly bridge
  • Unique guitar shape

The grand symphony building plans, like all of our guitar plans, come in both millimeter inches/fractional inches for all measurements. Both are clearly stated on your plans so it’s simple for you to choose which you’d prefer to use as you build your guitar.

The finished dimensions of the grand symphony guitar are:

Upper Bout: 285.7mm (11 1/4″)
Lower Bout: 415mm (16 1/16″)
Body Length: 507.4mm (19 31/32″)
Scale Length: 645.2mm (25 13/32″)
Body Depth At Heel: 91mm (3 19/32″)
Body Depth At Butt: 116.4mm (4 19/32″)

When you buy your guitar plans from Ultimate Guitar Online, you plans are delivered to you electronically as soon as you complete your purchase (printed plans are available as well). All of our guitar plans consist of four, extremely detailed pages to help make building your guitar as easy as possible. Here is just some of what you can expect to find on your guitar plans:

  • Overall Guitar Plans with Notes and Dimensions
  • Longitudinal and Lateral Sections Through the Guitar
  • Top Bracing Layouts with Top & Side Views
  • Back layout and Back Brace Layouts
  • Detailed Building Instructions & Suggestions

We also offer form workboard plans and template set plans with all of our guitar plans, so be sure to pick those up as well to help make your build easier and more precise. In addition, we offer a wide variety of guitar building tool plans as well as tool hardware sets and even completed guitar building tools.

Remember that we offer a wide variety of guitar plans, so if the grand symphony isn’t the guitar for you, be sure to check out the other great plans that we have available. We also design custom guitar plans, you can email us anytime for a quote.