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Ultimate Guitar Plans is the leader in high-quality guitar building plans for acoustic guitars. We have the most detailed blueprints available for 18 different guitars – including classical guitars, 6-String acoustic guitar plans, and 12-string guitars. Not only are our plans the most detailed and comprehensive available – they are also extremely affordable! We’re priced below many of our competitors even we are sure are guitar designs are the best available! Check out what some of our past customers have said about our guitar plans.

When you order guitar building plans for your next set of guitar building plans from Ultimate Guitar Plans, here’s what you’ll get:

Four Pages that include:

- Overall Guitar Plan with notes and dimensions
- Longitudal and Lateral Sections Through the Guitar
- Top Bracing Layouts with Top and Side Views
- Back Layout and Back Brace Layout
- Detailed Building Instructions and Suggestions

In addition to guitar blueprints, we also offer:

Template Set Plans: These plans are offered with all guitar plans that we sell and are a great addition to your plan purchase. You’ll save hours of time by purchasing a set of template plans as they will assist you as you contour the sides of your guitar.

Form Package Plans: We offer inside form and work board plans for all of the guitar plans that we sell. These allow you to easily transfer the exact shape of your guitar to your workpiece. It saves time and gives you exact repeatability should you choose to build another guitar!

Guitar Tool Plans: Ultimate Guitar Plans is more than just blueprints. We offer plans for a variety of tools that will make building guitars easier. We’ve got plans for a ton of tools, including:

- Heated Side Bender Plans (our best seller!)
- Cutaway Attachment for Heated Side Bender
- Plate Joining Jig
Neck Assembly Jig

We’ve recently added ukelele plans, mandolin plans, and even a guitar building book that will give you all the information you need as you build your own guitar or ukelele!

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